Parts & components of locomotive

  • Parts & components of locomotive
  • Parts & components of locomotive
Parts & components of locomotive
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LUOYANG JOOMACH INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO. LTD have our own factory and high quality equipment from Manufacturers. We Supply Locomotive Products,Machining the lowest price and Quotes. We are pursueing higher customer satisfaction and sustainable business development.

Sanheshan Precision Casting Factory is our company's partner, established in 1985; In 2000, the production exceeded 10000 tons and became a steel casting industry enterprise with a capacity of 10000 tons; In 2001, the company passed the NQAS9001:2000 quality system certification. The company started trial production of cast iron in 2010, relying on strong technical strength. Currently, there is a 10 ton/hour resin sand production line, mainly used for sample production and delivery of small batch parts. The company mainly produces high-end ductile iron and refuses low-end products.

parts of locomotive

The company has supporting facilities and equipment such as sand casting, precision casting, mechanical processing, mold manufacturing, heat treatment and physical and chemical testing, and measurement and testing centers. It can provide more than 30000 tons of high, medium, and low carbon steel and various alloy steel castings throughout the year. The products involve multiple industries such as railway accessories, rail transit accessories, engineering machinery accessories, automotive accessories, bridge engineering, and mining machinery. Rail transit accessories mainly produce bogies, body castings, etc.

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