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Electric vacuum pump
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Our company specializes in the production of vacuum pumps and vacuum units, with many years of production history, good management experience, and stable product quality. We are a backbone enterprise in the production of vacuum pump equipment and application equipment.
Our main products include: 2BEA/2BEC series liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors, SZ series, SZB series, SK series, 2BV series, 2SK series, 2SK-P1 series, Roots vacuum pumps, ZJ series, JZJX, JZJS series vacuum units, W, WY series reciprocating vacuum pumps.
Vacuum is widely used in fields such as coal mines, point light sources, vacuum coating, machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, food, medicine, power, electronics, ceramics, water diversion, printing and dyeing, sugar production, refrigeration equipment, process vacuum molding, scientific research, drying, and automotive maintenance.

2BEA/2BEC series liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor

The 2BEA/2BEC series liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor have become the preferred equipment for coal mine gas drainage systems due to their superior performance. Compared with other vacuum equipment, they have the following unique advantages:

The compression process of gas is isothermal compression, so this pump is suitable for pumping and transporting flammable, explosive, and toxic gases.

(2) The 2BEA/2BEC series liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors represent the latest technology in the liquid ring pump industry. They have higher efficiency than similar equipment, significant energy-saving effects, and are very suitable for long-term continuous operation. They are especially suitable for extremely harsh conditions such as coal mine gas drainage, and have been widely praised by the industry.


Efficient and energy-saving: 2BEA/2BEC represents the latest technology in the liquid ring pump industry, with an efficiency improvement of 10-30% compared to traditional designs of similar models, and significant energy-saving effects, up to 20%.

Low wear: 2BEA/2BEC only has one rotating component impeller. Due to the gas compression process being completed by the liquid ring, the impeller rotates without any friction.

Durable and sturdy: Due to the use of a flat disc design, as well as the corresponding large assembly clearance and automatic adjustment of working fluid flow function, 2BEA/2BEC can easily handle situations such as high outlet pressure or heat load, and the inhalation of an appropriate amount of water or magazine with gas entrainment.

Easy to maintain: 2BEA/2BEC can be checked for gaps, corrosion, scaling, or other conditions that may affect pump operation through inspection ports on both sides of the pump cover.

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